The health service for immigrant families

There are many questions about the many families, so the family law solicitors in Spain, are the most sought after by foreigners.

Lawyers in Spain tell us they are increasingly numerous families who come to Spain, from the United States, Britain and other countries where it is common to have more than two children. In most cases these families are moved by working issues, which include counseling family law solicitors in Spain, to clarify all doubts about the rights they have.

Well today I tell you that one of these families, the first thing we ask one of the lawyers in Spain, is to explain the term of large families in the country, in addition to the benefits that exist for immigrants who are legal residents.

Family law solicitors in Spain, the first thing they tell us is that obviously for payment of any help, a parent should be paying social security; Which in our case it is not a problem, because we have come to Spain for job transfer.

The next requirement is to understand that a special large family which consists of parents and five children or more. A general large family are the parents and three children. Also within the definition of large families enter cases in which parents, one of them or any of the children presented some degree of disability.

At the same time it may be the case that two or more siblings orphans of parents entering the special scheme for large families.

The issue is a bit complicated, because even the divorced parents with minor children, have some benefits and can be classified as large families. So we recommend always hire a lawyer in Spain specialized.

In this way, legal advice is crucial for all foreign families who are legally resident in the country, and thus know what to do, know where to go for any type of procedure, know how to solve any eventuality that can be presenting in an unexpected way; what is important is always knowing and knowing how laws and regulations are governed in a country other than ours.